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A mesmerizing new set of preludes for piano coming in Jan. 2015




Music of Perpetual Motion

9 exciting new piano solos coming in Jan. 2015





Jump For Joy (single)

"This is a very simple lighthearted piece meant to enjoy. It begins with what seems to be riffing over a repetitive left hand figure but more ensues. I'm hoping to capture a sort of spontaneous exuberance. It's fun to play and hopefully fun to hear." ...Mike Ford



Simple Truth

A set of thirteen preludes for piano. They are spontaneous, open-formed miniatures that are simple, poignant, captivating, emotional but sure-footed bursts of melody and place.

"This album is absolutely beautiful, from beginning to end. Michael Ford has this rare ability to transport listeners to deep emotional places with his music. Much like Dream of the Wind, this next album is rich with color and movement, and we travel alongside every note." _music_man

Dream of the Wind

Michael Ford performs these original piano pieces that are both emotional and evocative, a world of inner feelings from longing to jubilation.